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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
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Monday, 13 August 2012

Turbine gets a beach hut

There are only a couple of weeks to go now until the turbine is finished, so it's just getting its final touches, including the fish and eel passes and housing for the turbine generator - which I think looks like a nice little beach hut...

This is Dave, from Mackleys, looking a little apprehensive when it arrived flat packed:

Dave contemplating building the shed (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

But in no time at all the little shed was built over the generator turbine.

The generator housing (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The electricity to the whole stable yard was cut off for a few hours while the electricians wired the turbine up to the meters in the stable yard plant room. This means that we'll be able to see how much electricity it's generating, not just on the meter but also on our energy read-outs screen in the lobby (where visitors can also see how much power is coming from the solar panels and other sources too).

Mike from G A Electrical sorts out the electrics in the shed (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The energy read-outs screen (and cable drum rocking chairs) in the stable yard lobby
(NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The fish and eel passes are also complete, the black one for the fish and the green brushy one for the eels:

The green eel pass and the black fish pass (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

It won't be too long now till the Screw is turning and the fish and eels are swimming happily past it.
 The latest view of the whole site (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

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