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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The taming of the Screw

London's first Archimedes Screw hydro electric turbine finally arrived at Morden Hall Park this morning!

When the turbine is up and running, it will generate enough electricity to power the park's newly renovated stable yard and historic Snuff Mill - 59,000 kWh a year - or enough to power 18 average households.

The Screw, manufactured by Spaans Babcock in the Netherlands, arrived in our car park last night, where it was guarded overnight by its Dutch driver.  When it was unveiled we were relieved to see that it was painted its nice National Trust green.

Albert with his precious cargo from the Netherlands (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
Early this morning it was transferred on to a smaller lorry to get it into the turbine site.

The Screw hangs in the air over the car park (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
The garden centre delivery people wondered why the car park was so full of excited people.

The usual car park sight next to a rather more unusal one (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
Mackley Construction, who have been managing the turbine site, then took the Screw round a few local roundabouts in order to get from the car park into the turbine site:

The Screw makes a trip through Morden (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The Screw was then put on the crane again to get it installed into its final resting place. The team from Mackley Construction, Hallidays Hydropower and Spaans Babcock eased it into position.  

The Screw hangs in the air again (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The Screw is lowered into position beside the River Wandle (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
The turbine was then tweaked into position behind the Grade II listed Snuff Mill and the original waterwheel. It will act as a modern waterwheel, harnessing the power of the river to generate electricity - taking us back to the reason the park exists - water power.

Mackleys, Hallidays and Spaans play around at the bottom of the Screw (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The gearbox and generator were then attached to the top of the Screw:

The gearbox is attached (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
The Screw was then finally settled in, the cranes could disappear and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief. 
The Screw finally in place opposite the historic waterwheel (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The Screw is due to start turning and generating energy on 30 August.  If you can't wait till then to see it, come and see our identical working model in the Livinggreen Exhibition in the stable yard.

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