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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
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Friday, 2 November 2012

Simon Jenkins and Ed Davey turn on the Screw

Today we officially 'turned on' our Archimedes Screw, the first hydroelectric turbine in London. We did it in style, with Simon Jenkins, Chairman of the National Trust, switching on the turbine with Rt Hon Ed Davey, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Ed Davey MP gets excited about the seeing the Screw (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Ed gets a personal photo before the crowds arrive (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Both Simon and Ed spoke to a crowd in the historic Snuff Mill, with lots of positive words about hydro power and just a few friendly words about wind.

Ed Davey congratulated the Trust’s green energy vision.   He said: “It’s great to see the National Trust getting on board with clean, green power with the launch of the hydro power turbine at Morden Hall.  Not only will this new kit power Morden’s visitor centre, the project will help educate visitors on this type of energy and the benefits of renewable energy too.”

Simon Jenkins talks in the Snuff Mill (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Simon and Ed exchange smiles between speeches (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Wesley Kerr, Chair of the Heritage Lottery Fund for London, also spoke at the event, choosing to sit outside by the turbine to do so, as it was such nice weather. He said of the project: “This is an innovative and exemplary approach to restoration, conservation and interpretation. The addition of the Archimedes Screw to the restored historic features of Morden Hall Park makes this a genuinely sustainable ‘deep green’ heritage project - simultaneously bringing alive the industry of the past whilst embracing that of the future. This whole scheme is an exemplar of what can be achieved in public parks.”

Wesley talks from the turbine fence (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
Naturally we then had to cut a green ribbon:

Ed, Wesley and Simon cut the green ribbon (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Ed, Simon and Wesley look over the turbine (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)
City Bridge Trust and Thames Water, the other two key funders of the turbine project, also came along to see the results of their funding and seemed impressed. 

Rosemary and Helen from Thames Water  and Stewart from City Bridge Trust join Wesley and Zoë (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Ed Davey then had a tour of the whole project, enjoying the technical side of the turbine and then the bike-powered light bulbs in the Livinggreen Exhibition:

Henry from Hallidays shows Ed and Wesley how the turbine works (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Ed enjoys the Livinggreen Exhibition (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Refreshments in the stable yard were then enjoyed by all - thanks to our cafe for putting on a lovely spread as usual.

 Drinks in the stable yard (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst

Visitors will now be able to see the turbine on regular tours.

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