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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Clocks, carriages and cheese

So we're still eagerly anticipating the turning of the turbine, but in the meantime there's always something new happening in the stable yard.

Today we finally got the stable yard clock working, after a year of getting used to it always being 11.13. There are only two people in the country who have the skills to get it working - it was disconnected for the construction works - so finally one of them was able to come here. Now visitors can stop asking why it's not working and enjoys the chimes instead.

The clock finally says 11.43 instead of 11.13 (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The clock man from Cumbria climbs up to the clock with his head torch on (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

There's a new attraction in the middle of the stable yard too - one of the original carriages has been painted and put back in the yard. Nick, our Parks & Gardens Manager, cleverly made some planters out of an old wooden bridge, to go next to the carriage, so they're full of flowers which set it off nicely.

The carriage and flowers in front of the solar slates (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Visitors enjoy a coffee with the new carriage and flowers (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

Finally, if you haven't been here on a Saturday recently, you might not know that we have a farmers' market here each week - so next time you want some nice fruit, bread, fish, cheese etc, then you know where to come. It's every Saturday from 10-3.

 Visitors enjoy the new farmers' market (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

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