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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
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Friday, 18 May 2012

Piles of piles make way for the turbine

The first major stage of the Archimedes Screw turbine installation has now been completed: the piling.

Huge metal piles, each 6 metres long, have been hammered into the ground behind the Snuff Mill, using gentle vibrations to minimise disturbance to the historic buildings nearby. The piles will form a temporary wall around the turbine site, to allow construction to take place without water coming in from the river.

Carrying piles on to the site (Mackley Construction)

  The hydraulic 'jaw" holds a pile in place (Mackley Construction)

One of the piles is hammered in (Mackley Construction)
 The completed piling (Mackley Construction)

The site with piles in place - from the Snuff Mill window (NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst)

The piles will be left in place but cut off below ground level, once the work is complete.

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