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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Copella apple juice in the Livinggreen Orchard

Volunteers of all ages came out in the sunshine last Sunday, at the start of Tree Week, to plant fruit trees around the edge of the new Living Green Centre. The “Merton” varieties of apple, pear and cherry trees were funded by Copella, the fruit juice company, as part of their Plant & Protect campaign to increase the number of British fruit trees -

We were delighted to have so many volunteers, particularly young children, come along to help plant the fruit trees. We hope that they’ll come back in years to come and see the apples, pears and cherries which they helped to grow.

The orchard will provide a beautiful welcome for visitors to the new Living Green Centre. It will comprise ten new fruit trees, nine of which are of the local heritage “Merton” variety (the park is in the London Borough of Merton in Greater London and many of the Merton varieties were developed by John Innes, a property developer and keen horticulturalist who created in Merton Park, a ‘garden suburb’ across the road from Morden Hall Park):

• Apple trees - one each of Malus domestica ‘Merton Prolific’, ‘Merton Worcester’, ‘Merton Russet’ and ‘Merton Charm’ apple trees, plus one 'Tyndeman’s Late Orange' apple tree.

• Pear trees – one each of Pyrus domestica ‘Merton Pride’ and ‘Merton Star’ pear trees

• Cherry trees – one each of Prunus avium ‘Merton Favourite’, ‘Merton Marvel’ and ‘Merton Glory’

Volunteers enjoy Copella apple juice at the end of their tree planting. NTPL/Caroline Pankhurst

Look out for apples, pears and cherries from the Orchard being used in the National Trust cafe in years to come!

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