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The 19th century stable yard

The 19th century stable yard
NTPL Zoë Colbeck

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Morden Hall Park looks fantastic in the sunshine, and plenty of visitors are out and about enjoying the beautiful weather. Our Easter Egg Hunt kicks off today too - let's hope the weather stays sunny for the next days of the event on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

This week the two Zoës (Zoë Colbeck, Property Manager and Zoë Adams, Community Projects Manager) took a trip to our Livinggreen partner project in Ludwigsburg to catch up with the other project teams.

The team in Ludwigsburg are hard at work transforming a listed Flak-hall building (an old barracks gym) to be a demonstration of sustainable reconstruction. They're using a clever 'house-in-house' technique to protect the historic shell of the building, whilst the building inside will allow for innovative energy saving techniques. All very clever stuff! The Flak-hall is going to be a new child and family centre for Ludwigsburg, and it's great to think of the future generations who will be inspired by this eco building. Here's a picture of the outside of the building.

We also had the opportunity to take a quick stroll in the beautiful Baroque gardens surrounding Ludwigsburg Palace.

Finally, our hospitable hosts gave us the chance to try some local Ludwigsburg culture, after all, when in Germany...

Happy Easter from Morden Hall Park!

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